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BOOK: How to Master Networking

Second edition revised and up dated

is a networking survival guide. It provides a step by-step plan to take the confusion out of attending networking events, exchanging business cards, keeping in touch without being pushy and building successful business and career networks.

Book Only $27.50

CDS: Your Information EMPIRE MODEL

How would you like to DOUBLEYOUR INCOME as a speaker by speaking less?


Are you ready to MOVE OUT OFYOUR COMFORT ZONE and step into the new business model of becoming an information expert and creating your own information empire?

Did you know that people pay to hear and see information experts NOT speakers?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, the Information Empire Model is the next investment in your business future.

In this step-by-step action guide, international business educator and global networking specialist Robyn Henderson, CSP, will show you how to start building your own Information Empire from scratch.

Over 2.5 hours of step-by-step instructions on information empire building – via 3 CDs; Your own Information Empire Model Map; Action Plan; and Time Line

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Pack Only $99.00

CDS: The Writing For Busy People Pack

Full day workshop edited down to a 5 hour DVD, Audio CD and MP3 pack with comprehensive workbook. In this comprehensive pack,  you will learn how to write books, blogs, ebooks and articles and turn your wisdom into words PLUS build your industry expert status quickly and affordably.

If you can never find time to write – maybe you just don’t have a writing model YET!
Join prolific author and publisher Robyn Henderson, who has created 3 practical writing models to enable you to convert your wisdom into words and build the industry expert profile you deserve.

Robyn’s one day program will answer all your questions about writing, creating products and resources, finding time to write and why it is worth the effort.

In this warts and all workshop – you will:
· Find one or more writing models that will work for you  - NOW
· Create your own plan to become the industry expert in your chosen niche/s and clearly understand the significance and benefits of creating that profile.
·  Realise how easy it is to convert workbooks, programs and handouts into streams of articles, blogs, ebooks and books.
· Learn about the 200 plus potential streams of income available once you have written 500 words.
·  Capitalise on potential social media exposure by creating stacks of material for your ongoing social media presence.
·  Clarify the 10 reasons why you must write books, blogs, eBooks, articles, etc. 


Investment Only $495.00